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More Games

If you have started using the kit, and you need more games to try, or more research to help you build your own games, our partners are doing amazing work (we often share researchers/artists) and have games to share:

Games from the Indigenous People’s Health Research Centre, Regina, Saskatchewan.

Contact us to reach artist/researchers Erin Goodpipe and Dustin Brass, who are willing to share their work on First Nations “Games of Presence” with non-profit community organizations on request. The full list will be available to the public soon. See a great video about one of the projects here

The Improvisation Toolkit” from the International Institute for Critical Studies in Improvisation (IICSI)

This kit has research and a host of games from a range of sources, as well as tips for projects in a range of different community settings. See the wider library here:

How to Play Your World” from the Musagetes Foundation/PS Guelph

This book has wonderful exercises and games for playing with sound, free improvisation and making your own instruments by IICSI collaborator Richard Marsella. See a free preview here: